News and notes of interest

  • CEAMED patents
  • (01/29/2018) The MACBIOBLUE project website is now available on the internet. CEAMED SA is one of the main partners associated in the Interreg MACBIOBLUE project. A leading research project on blue biotechnology and study of algae in Macaronesia.
  • (01/10/2016) Course on quality of Aloe in the Canary Islands. Methods of Analysis, active principles, and health benefits Thursday, October 20, 2016. Fuerteventura Technology Park.
    Download: Program | Application for participation
  • (08/19/2016) CEAMED publishes an article about CM-363 in Oncotarget. CM-363 is the leader of the family of Fused Quinones, whose patent has been previously communicated on this website. The study published in the prestigious journal Oncotarget (Q1, IF: 4.78) has been carried out by CEAMED in collaboration with the Universities of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (University Institute of Biomedical and Health Research), University of La Laguna ( University Institute of Bio-Organic), University of Cantabria, Cancer Research Center of Salamanca (CSIC-University of Salamanca), and the Canary Institute for Cancer Research. CM-363 (or one of its derivatives) can be developed as a drug for the treatment of myeloid leukemias critical to current treatments. The exploitation rights of the family of the CM-363 family have been published in favor of CEAMED on August 16. Its further development depends on the achievement of the necessary funding, which will contribute significantly to the publication of the article in Oncotarget. The article can be downloaded at "CEAMED-Oncotarget 2016". See article
  • (17/11/2015) CEAMED SA presents their compounds CM-363 and CM-728 to Farmaindustria. Farmaindustria, the National Trade Association of Spanish based pharmaceutical companies and those that operate transnationally in Spain, invited CEAMED SA to present two of its most advanced compounds. The event took place on November 16th 2015 in Madrid, with 15 of Spain’s largest pharmaceutical companies in attendance. CEAMED SA presented its compounds CM-363 and CM-728, whose profiles gives them an important potential to treat chemotherapeutically resistant chronic myeloid leukemia, as well as for the treatment of Triple Negative(ER-, PR -, HER2-) breast cancers, which are characterized as aggressive and treatment resistant types of breast cancers for which there are no existing specific treatments. CEAMED SA presented positive in vivo results for both compounds. The aim of CEAMED SA is to find partners in the global pharmaceutical industry wishing to participate in the regulatory preclinical development of these compounds and beyond. Open presentation
  • (03/09/2015) CEAMED have obtained Certificate of Registration. This Certificate has been awarded to CEAMED in recognition of their Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 wich complies the activities "Pharmacological Screening in cell lines of cancer in in vitro culture. Provision of Physical, Chemical and Microbiological analysis services". See Certificate
  • (27/12/2012) ITER is forced to divest its shares in CEAMED
  • (28/01/2012) CEAMED incorporates two new shareholders
  • (28/01/2012 CEAMED SA gets an advance of € 150,000 on the credit previously granted from CDTI )
  • (21/12/2011) CEAMED SA gets a € 500,000 loan from CDTI
  • (05/01/2011) CEAMED implements a quality control service for Aloe vera products
  • (04/10/2010) CEAMED gets a contract from the Canarian Agency for Innovation (ACIISI) for one of its researchers
  • (11/04/2010) The General Meeting of CEAMED agrees to undertake the second capital increase
  • (01/02/2010) CEAMED gets a “Torres Quevedo” contract for one of its researchers

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