Docking genisteína en ERalfa

The Division of GENERIC DRUGS was born to assure the economic viability of the company, and to sustain in the long run the Division of New Drugs (R&D), the real raison d´être of the company.

In the 9th of December 2009, CEAMED S.A. submitted all required documents to the Ministry of Science and Consumer to apply for a licence of Pharmaceutical Laboratory.  On 21st April 2010, we obtained the approval of Marketing Authorization Holder of Medicinal Products with Warehouse, reference number 6380-E (Download document).

  • CEAMED S.A. has acquired its first registered generic drug i.e. IBUPROFEN 400, which will be marketed as IBUPROFENO CEAMED 400, a drug known for its prestigious efficacy, and it is forecasted to maintain its market demand for many years to come.
  • CEAMED S.A. has hired its Pharmaceutical Technical Director for its Generic Drugs Division with his major task to manage the division, and in particular to design drug dossiers to access new generic drugs licences, thus increasing its generic drugs portfolio in at least one compound per year.
  • The Generic Drugs Division has also acquired an authorised warehouse, after signing a storage agreement with the multinational company MOVIANTO, which will open a new headquarters in the Canary Islands.

From that date CEAMED S.A. may sell its products in pharmacies throughout Spain.


CEAMED S.A. has the intention of setting out a portfolio of 10 generic products with high sales at the chemist’s.

The increase of its generic products portfolio will be carried out by a combined strategy of three initiatives:

  • Submission of dossiers designed by the technical management of CEAMED S.A. to the Ministry of Health and Consumer.
  • Reaching agreements with companies holding licences interested in improving their presence and commerce in Canary Islands and/or Africa via CEAMED S.A.
  • Acquisition of new licences of products from companies interested in getting rid of them.