ERbeta-1chainCEAMED S.A. searches for partners/shareholders for the development of its activities from University scientific groups, from pharma and biotechnological companies, private investors, etc.  CEAMED S.A. carries out the development of new drugs up until achieving the proof of concept.

CEAMED S.A. also looks for strategic partners in the long run for the subsequent clinical development of its new products.

CEAMED S.A. has already initiated the process for an extension of its share capital, in order to have enough available funds to accomplish its 2012 objectives.  Fundraising will be targeted to:

  • Leader companies in the field of generic drugs with low presence in the Canaries and interested in such Market.  We expect to reach collaboration agreements with them, which may imply exchange of shares.
  • Investors interested in the development of new drugs in the long run

According to estimations by the Board of Directors, the capital needs for the Division of Generic Drugs for the next triennium is:

  • At least 1 M€ for 2010
  • At least 2M € for 2011 (this in part would derive from sales), and
  • At least 2M € for 2012 (mostly derived from sales).

In order to search for opportunities of new drugs developments, the Management of CEAMED S.A., talks permanently with international companies, European and American Universities, private investors, etc.  The activity of CEAMED S.A. centres in new lead compounds being the first or the best of their class.

CEAMED S.A. is also specially interested in establishing collaborations with research groups with access to sources of natural products in biodiversity rich regions, in particular with groups of Azores, Madeira, Cabo Verde, as well as African and South American countries.

CEAMED S.A. aspires to put on the market at least 10 generic drugs in three years time.  That would imply an investment of 2-4 M€, depending on the chosen drugs and the number of dossier we would be able to complete and submit.

At least 15% of the benefits from the Generic Drugs Division will be destined to the New Drugs Division.

CEAMED S.A. Board of Directors estimates that from 2012 onwards, the Generic Drugs Division will be in conditions of generating benefits, and thus fulfil its raison d´être i.e. provides capital to the New Drugs Division (R&D).

The total annual benefits of the whole CEAMED S.A. are expected to overcome 1 M€ after 2015.  At that moment, it would have invested over 10 M€, and generated over 30 highly qualified jobs, created a Pharmaceutical Laboratory able to commercialize generics in the Canary Islands and its surrounding regions, and established a pharmaceutical industry of international level in the Canaries.