(2010/10/04) CEAMED S.A. signed a Collaboration Agreement with San Pablo-CEU University (Madrid).

CEAMED S.A. and Foundation ICIC (promoter and partner of the company) have signed a Framework Agreement of a stable collaboration with the University San Pablo-CEU in Madrid. This agreement specifies the rules that shall govern the scientific collaboration between the three parties to carry out research and development of new products for the pharmaceutical industry.

It has also signed a Specific Agreement CEAMED S.A.-ICIC Foundation - San Pablo-CEU University, which aims to obtain a pharmaceutical formulation that would make possible the introduction of Fenbunafide in human clinical practice in the near future.  Fenbunafide is an antitumor drug and is the first filed patent obtained by CEAMED S.A.  Fenbunafide has already entered preclinical development by CEAMED S.A., funded in part by a grant from the Ministry of Industry of the Canary Islands Government.

These agreements signed with the University of San Pablo-CEU complement those CEAMED S.A. have in place with the University of La Laguna and Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for the development of several R+D projects.

Links: San Pablo-CEU University, La Laguna University and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria University"