Bolsillo del ATP de la choline kinaseCEAMED S.A. offers the possibility of joining its scientific team in a dynamic and scientific and managerial creativity stimulant environment, to young doctors, graduates and technical personnel

In 2009 CEAMED S.A. has employed four highly qualified PhDs, together with two BSc and a technician.  This team provides CEAMED S.A. its scientific potential to perform and develop its own projects.

CEAMED S.A. offers the experience of its scientific founders, its working team and ambitious projects, as the most valuable contributions, to professionals interested in doing career in pharmaceutical industry and wishing to join us.

The candidates must be in possession of a solid scientific formation, as well as having knowledge and abilities to carry out relevant assignments in the development of new drugs.  The quest for excellence in his/her work is basic to be considered as a strong candidate.

CEAMED S.A. is a company that in general employs its staff under conditions of equality of merits, although it practices positive discrimination in favour of the incorporation of women to its working team.

CEAMED S.A. offers competitive salaries at European scale, as well as the possibility of joining its shareholders.

Please send your CV to the contact address listed below (CONTACT), with the security that your information will be treated with rigour and professional discretion.