Laboratory Services.
Development of anticancer drugs.

  • Mission
    • To add value to the Canarian biotechnology industry by providing specialized scientific services.
    • To facilitate the development of antitumorals acting as CRO.
    • To help improve the quality and safety of aloe vera products via analysis and certification.
  • Vision
    • Our business model includes both collaboration between companies (FTE) and the payment for services.


List of laboratory services

Our chemistry lab

CEAMED services:

  • Offers ISO 9001 certified analysis of aloe vera
    • CEAMED routinely provides analysis for more than 26 producers of aloe from all over the world (Europe, Asia and the Americas)

  • CEAMED can rapidly test your samples (compounds, mixtures, extracts) against a panel of human derived cancer cell lines.
    Helping you identify possible new indications for your samples.

  • CEAMED can also offer Chemistry and Biology support to help advance your projects
    • Design, synthesis and scaling of chemical compounds
    • Cellular and drug action mechanism studies
    • In vitro and in vivo toxicity studies, and in vivo activity on nude mice.

Laboratory & technologies

  • Well-equipped chemistry lab
  • Synthesis specific microwave reactor
  • Lyophilization station
  • Reaction databases: Scifinder

Access to:

  • RMN de 500 y 600 MHz
  • LC-MS, GC-MS
  • LC-MS-MS
  • HRMS
  • Composition of analysis (CHN)
  • X-ray analysis