57,82% of CEAMED S.A.’s shares belong to its founders’ group:

The founders are 12 prestigious professionals, most of them related to Canary Islands Cancer Research Institute and Tropical Diseases and Public Health University Institute

19,5 % of the shares belong to two shareholders:

- The Canary Islands Cancer Research Institute Foundation (FICIC), which is the promoter entity of CEAMED S.A., and in its bosom the creation and initial impulse, was brewed.
- ITER = Renewable Energy Technological Institute (ITER S.A.) (www.iter.es), a company partially owned by Tenerife Local Council (Cabildo Insular de Tenerife), which in 2008 entered as an important shareholder of CEAMED S.A.

Finally, and with a percentage of 11,56% shares each, Polifenoles Naturales, SL (POLINAT) and Dopesa, both are local companies.



The president of the Board of Directors is Prof. B. Nicolás Díaz-Chico, a Physiology Professor of University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, where he has been Vice-principal of Research (1989-1993), as well as former president of the Spanish Association of Cancer Research (ASEICA, www.aseica.com).

Other members of the Board of Directors are:
-  Prof. Ángel Gutiérrez-Ravelo, Organic Chemistry Professor of University of La Laguna, with a large expertise in natural product chemistry, with over 300 scientific publications.  He has been the director of the prestigious Antonio González Bio-Organic University Institute (University of La Laguna).

- Prof. Basilio Valladares, a Parasitology Professor of University of La Laguna, Pharmacy Faculty, where he has also been its Dean for several years.  He has also promoted the creation of the Tropical Diseases and Public Health University Institute. He bears pharmaceutical managerial experience and has also been the president of the Pharmaceutical Cooperative of Tenerife.

-  Canary Islands Cancer Research Institute Foundation (FICIC), is represented in the Board of Directors of CEAMED S.A. by Dr. Javier Dorta-Delgado M.D., medical specialist in Oncology and Director of the Oncology Unit of La Candelaria University Hospital (Tenerife).  He holds a wide professional experience as oncologist, with many scientific publications, and he was also a former President of the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology.

The remaining scientific members of CEAMED S.A. have similar professional profiles to those of the Board of Directors, with a great future ahead on the search and development of new drugs.


CEAMED S.A. is a biopharmaceutical company created in 2006 by 12 scientists, most of them related to the Canary Islands Cancer Research Institute (www.icic.es). It is a Spin-off company of the two Canary Universities i.e. University of La Laguna (www.ull.es) and University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (www.ulpgc.es),

CEAMED S.A. has signed collaboration agreements with both universities which allows some of its scientific staff to work in university labs and to have access to research infrastructure within the universities.

In reciprocity, both universities benefit of CEAMED S.A. powerful services on:

  • in silico drug design of products interacting with specific therapeutic targets
  • Pharmacological activity bioassays of different types such as, in vivo as well as ex vivo and/or in vitro.

Furthermore, the current collaboration agreements establish that both universities would benefit of CEAMED S.A. patents and products derived from the research and studies being conducted.

CEAMED S.A. in collaboration with the ICIC Foundation (FICIC), maintains narrow relations with researchers of cancer in the Canary Islands, and it supports those running their research in university departments and hospital research units in different ways.


CEAMED S.A. has been admitted as the first bio-pharmaceutical company within the Park in 2009.